Liju Gee Panicker

Pastor Liju Gee Panicker (LGEE) was born and raised in India.  He studied in India as well as America to receive his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degree in Theology and a degree in Sociology. He is an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God under the New York District Council.

In  2013 Pastor L Gee was lead by the Holy Spirit to come to New York City to plant churches. His church started with three members and by the grace of God, it grew to over six hundred members with branch churches in Poconos, Pennsylvania, Schenectady, New Jersey and Connecticut. Over the last four years, he visited over three thousand families to spread the message of Jesus Christ.  


L. Gee's goal aligns with the goal of the  GAP Generation church, to reach the unreached, bless the unblessed, and heal the unhealed. God has been using him extensively throughout his ministry to touch hundreds with signs and wonders.